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Maynard Biodiversity Talks: Wetlands

Biodiversity is an important measure of the health of our wildlife. The greater the variety of plants and animals, the healthier and more resilient the environment—and the better able it is to adjust to a changing climate.

Maynard wetlands are beautiful and stunning at all times of the year. Here are a few fall photos, some from this year, some from last year.

In addition to being beautiful, Maynard’s wetlands:

  • provide the ultimate biodiversity hotspot;

  • provide rich wildlife habitat and breeding grounds for countless plants, insects, amphibians, soil organisms, birds, and animals;

  • provide a massive stock of carbon storage compared to other landscapes;

  • provide active sequestration of carbon, therefore slightly reducing climate change;

  • provide protection from flooding; and

  • provide all of Maynard’s water supply!

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