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Solar Panels on Rooftop
Exploring Solar and Heat Pumps with EnergySage

Green Maynard has partnered with Energy Sage, a nationally recognized independent consultant that can help consumers find the best solar solutions and reliable solar installers for their home.


EnergySage helps in several ways:


• Their free solar calculator provides an initial estimate of the costs and benefits of solar panels for your house based on your roof, monthly electric bill, and contractors in your area.


• They provide a free, competitive marketplace to match you with quotes from pre-screened solar installers. You can get multiple bids without having to share your contact information until you’re ready. All the bids use the same format to make it easy to compare prices.


• Their advisors will answer your questions, review installer quotes, and help you figure out which, if any, work for you.

Looking to swap out your fossil fuel based heating system? You can use EnergySage to find reputable heat pump installers too. 


EnergySage services are free to consumers. All costs are covered by fees from the solar companies. 

Per our partnership with EnergySage, consumers who sign up through Green Maynard and complete the installation process with an EnergySage rooftop solar installer will receive $200, or $75 when subscribing to a community solar farm on EnergySage. Homeowners who select an EnergySage heat pump installer will receive $100. (Green Maynard does not receive revenue through this partnership.)



Boxes of beans, apples, pears, tomatoes, potatoes, lemons, and onions
Sustainability Committee

The Town of Maynard Sustainability Committee provides Maynard with solutions to successfully prepare for present and future climate, energy, and environmental challenges.

Four compost bins in front of a large truck with the Black Earth logo
Black Earth Compost

Participate in compost pickups and return food scraps and other organic material to the soil to be reused. You can compost more with Black Earth than a backyard pile, including meat, bones, napkins, and cheese.

Black compost bin
Compost Bins from DPW

The Town of Maynard makes it easier to compost by offering rodent-resistant home composting bins for $65. To obtain a compost bin, please contact the DPW office at 978-897-1317.

Going Net Zero: Solar Energy

In February, speaker Zana Cranmer—a Maynard resident with expertise in data and decision analysis who teaches college courses on energy efficiency and renewable energy—talked about solar PV (photovoltaic), including the costs, incentives, and energy potential for your property. View the Solar Energy talk on YouTube.

Heat Pumps 101

Green Maynard hosted Steve Breit of the volunteer group Heat Smart Alliance to talk about heat pumps, how they work, the installation process, and what to expect when using heat pumps in the home. View the Heat Pump talk on YouTube.

Maynard Farmers' Market

The Market is held in the Mill Pond parking lot on Main Street at Mill & Main (near the Sudbury St. intersection). It runs rain or shine every Saturday from 9am to 1pm beginning the last Sat in June until the last Sat in September.

Alternative Packaging to Meet the Maynard Bylaws

Most restaurants can probably meet the requirements of the new bylaw by changing their orders with their usual providers. Nevertheless, here is a list of three of the largest providers who sell recyclable as well as biodegradable and compostable alternatives. Also listed are other providers who offer sustainable packaging products.


Webstaurant Store


US Foods


BioMass Packaging


Green Paper Products

Responsible Products

World Centric

Plastics & Human Health

According to Beyond Plastics—a nationwide project based at Bennington College in Vermont—over 13,000 chemicals are known to be involved in the production of plastic. Of these, more than 2,300 are considered “chemicals of concern.” Learn more about how these chemicals can impact health through Beyond Plastic's Fact Sheet as well as ways you can take action to reduce plastic in Maynard and beyond.

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