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The mission of Green Maynard is to protect, preserve, and celebrate our connection to the natural environment. By partnering with and mobilizing the power of community, we raise awareness about the climate crisis and advocate for sustainable policies. We share information about local, state, and federal resources; support the community in making sustainable choices in our everyday lives; and encourage practices that maximize the use of natural solutions.

Join Green Maynard! 

Do you love Maynard? Do you love the environment? Join us! We're here to support individual and collective actions to make Maynard a greener and cleaner community. This group is a place to share information, make connections, get involved with local politics, and participate in outreach and education around environmental initiatives in the town we love so much!


Mailing List

Interested in Green Maynard meetings or events? Sign up for our mailing list! We look forward to having you join our next meeting. (Large group meetings are generally held on the first Monday of the month at 8 p.m. via zoom.)

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