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Maynard Biodiversity Talks: Ariel Ackerman

Biodiversity is an important measure of the health of our wildlife. The greater the variety of plants and animals, the healthier and more resilient the environment—and the better able it is to adjust to a changing climate.

So how do citizens of Maynard think about biodiversity, and what steps are they taking to foster it? What do people value about the wildlife in the gardens, woods, wetlands, and meadows in town? How and why do they cultivate biodiversity in their gardens? How do they protect and enhance biodiversity in the landscape? This blog attempts to answer these questions through conversation with a range of individuals with diverse viewpoints and approaches. We will look at efforts both small and large, from the cultivation of a single Bee Balm plant in a pot to town-wide initiatives.

First, a bit about me. I am interested in the biodiversity in my garden, and my efforts have been rewarded with a steadily increasing range of insects, plants, and amphibians. But I am neither an expert gardener nor a botanist, so I am curious to learn from others. I bring my interest, my questions, and a desire to understand how people think and respond to a changing world.

Small Space Gardening with Ariel Akerman

Over the course of a mere three years, Ariel Akerman and her husband, Domenik, turned a small conventional urban lawn into a vibrant pollinator garden, supporting a population of numerous insects (including three species of bumble bee). In addition, they produced honey, hops for beer, and vegetables for themselves and their neighbors. Ariel exemplifies the active movement within Maynard Community Gardeners towards providing habitat for pollinators.

While simultaneously working, packing to move to Germany, and looking after three-year-old Sylvester, Ariel made time to share with us her thinking about the development of her garden on McKinley Street.

Watch my interview with Ariel, who provides a tour of her garden.

Here are some of the sources that Ariel found most compelling:

We wish Ariel and her family the very best as they start new enterprises in their next garden.

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