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Solar Panels on Roof

Take Our Clean Tech Survey

Green Maynard would like to learn more about what clean technology residents are using in their homes—from heat pumps and solar energy to electric vehicles and induction stoves. We’re also seeking volunteers who would be willing to serve as a “coach” for other residents interested in installing clean tech in their own homes.

Call to Action: Waste Reduction​​​​

Massachusetts' Department of Environmental Protection is in the process of shaping its PCAP (Priority Climate Action Plan), which will open up access to federal funding from the EPA for municipalities. Composting should be on the docket. With the state’s trash being shipped thousands of miles away, landfills reaching their cap, and rising greenhouse gas emissions, waste management is a critical pillar of climate change that should be front and center. Your input can help influence the state'’s approach. 


Submit a comment and urge the Commonwealth to include waste reduction strategies—including food waste, composting, reuse, and refill—into its PCAP. Fill out the Climate Pollution Reduction Grant Survey.


See some examples for filling out these fields on our blog

Upcoming Events​​​​

  • February 24 at 11 a.m. and 1 p.m.: Acton is hosting its February Clean Energy Home Tour. This home has a unique heat pump to hydronic (water) heat system. Feel the comfort level for yourself and talk with the homeowner about his experience moving from fossil fuel heating and cooling to cleaner energy systems. The home also has a heat pump to hot water system. Register for the Acton February home tour

  • March 6 at 7 p.m.: Stop Private Jet Expansion at Hanscom—and Everywhere—Webinar. Register to attend the SPJE webinar.

  • March 11 at 7 p.m.: Green Maynard Monthly Meeting (location TBD)

  • March 16 , 10:30 am–2:30 pm: Acton is hosting its March Clean Energy Home Tour, with a focus on solar power. Register for the Acton March home tour

  • April 20 at 1 p.m.: Fixit Clinic at Maynard Library.  Green Maynard, the Maynard Public Library, and Sustainable Stow are holding a Fixit Clinic on Saturday, April 20, 1-4pm at the Library. If you are interested in helping for part or all of that event, or if you would just like us to keep you on our email list for future clinics, please fill out Fixit Clinic form.

Find more on our events calendar.

Help Stop Private Jet Expansion at Hanscom—or Anywhere

Developers are planning a 500,000-square-foot expansion at Massport-owned Hanscom Field for private luxury jet use. This immense expansion plan has the potential to single-handedly undercut the total combined greenhouse gas reductions that Massachusetts and our cities and towns are working to achieve. Learn more about the proposed expansion—as well as what actions you can take to stop it—at, a coalition of state and local organizations, and on the Current Initiatives page.

Supporting Local Ecosystems

If you missed entomologist, ecologist, and conservationist Doug Tallamy's talk "Restoring the Little Things that Run the World"—hosted by Sustainable Stow and Randall Library—you can view Tallamy's talk here. During the event, Tallamy spoke about creating landscapes that support pollinators, herbivores, predators, and other organisms that run the ecosystems we depend on. 

Plastics & Human Health

According to Beyond Plastics—a nationwide project based at Bennington College in Vermont—over 13,000 chemicals are known to be involved in the production of plastic. Of these, more than 2,300 are considered “chemicals of concern.” Learn more about how these chemicals can impact health through Beyond Plastic's Fact Sheet as well as ways you can take action to reduce plastic in Maynard and beyond.


Interested in Green Maynard meetings or events? Sign up for our mailing list! We look forward to seeing you at our next meeting. (Member meetings are generally held on the second Monday of the month at 8 p.m. via zoom.)

Support Green Maynard

Green Maynard is a volunteer-led 501(c)(4) nonprofit committed to raising awareness about the climate crisis and advocating for sustainable policies. If you would like to help support our work, please donate!  

Partnership with EnergySage

Green Maynard has partnered with Energy Sage, a nationally recognized independent consultant that can help homeowners find the best solar and heat pump solutions. It offers educational resources, calculators, and marketplaces to help you learn about and shop for solar and heat pumps. These services are completely free and 100 percent online.

Per our partnership with EnergySage, consumers who sign up through Green Maynard and complete the installation process with an EnergySage rooftop solar installer will receive $200, or $75 when subscribing to a community solar farm on EnergySage. Homeowners who select an EnergySage heat pump installer will receive $100. (Green Maynard does not receive revenue through this partnership.)


Visit EnergySage or learn more on our Green Resources page.

Four compost bins in front of a large truck, which features the Black Earth logo

Compost Your Food Waste

If you don't compost at home, use an at-home compost bin from the Town of Maynard, or you'd like to compost items like meat and dairy, Black Earth is Maynard's compost collection option. With all the other items you can compost with Black Earth, you can reduce your landfill waste and save money on trash stickers. (And if enough residents sign up, the price of pickup will come down.) Find out more on our blog or at

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