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Earth Day Fair Flyer.jpg

Save the date!

Join us at the Maynard Public Library on April 22 for Earth Day. From 10 a.m.–2 p.m., Green Maynard will host a variety of informational tables, activities, and more. 

Want to volunteer on that day? Email us at begreenmaynard [at]

Help Make the New Green Meadow School Sustainable

We’re discouraged to hear that the School Building Committee has voted to install a gas furnace (and no central air conditioning) for the new Green Meadow Elementary School. We feel the committee was badly served by the architects who did not design a truly sustainable school nor provide up-to-date information about incentives available through state and federal grants.


Share your concerns by sending an email to the Select Board, posting on social media, and writing to the Superintendent of Schools and/or the chair of the School Committee. You can find more information as well as contact info on our blog.

Going Net Zero: Solar Energy

In February, speaker Zana Cranmer—a Maynard resident with expertise in data and decision analysis who teaches college courses on energy efficiency and renewable energy—talked about solar PV (photovoltaic), including the costs, incentives, and energy potential for your property. View the talk on YouTube.


Interested in Green Maynard meetings or events? Sign up for our mailing list! We look forward to having you join our next meeting. (Large group meetings are generally held on the first Monday of the month at 8pm via zoom.)

Heat Pumps 101

Green Maynard hosted Steve Breit of the volunteer group Heat Smart Alliance to talk about heat pumps, how they work, the installation process, and what to expect when using heat pumps in the home. View the talk on YouTube.

Compost Your Food Waste

 If you don't compost at home or you'd like to compost items like meat (turkey anyone?) and dairy, Black Earth is Maynard's commercial compost option. With all the other items you can include in the bin, you can reduce your landfill waste and save money on trash stickers. (And if enough residents sign up, the price of pickup will come down.) Find out more on our blog or at

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